12. March 2022 ver

 -  Added a line escaping for presets.
    It is needed for ffmpeg filters for example.
    Only lines starting with ESCAPE will be escaped.
    Start a line in a Preset with ESCAPE or ESCAPE{,:}
    Symbols \ and ' will be always escaped by \
    For example \ will be \\     and ' will be \'
    You can add more symbols to escape.
    All characters listed in between {} charactes will be escaped by \
    For example using ESCAPE{,:}  will cconvert , to \,   and : to \:
    Look at sample preset "Extract subtitles"
 -  Improved Watchfolders
 -  Improved Image sequence detection
 -  Probably something else I can't remember right now.

All feedbacks and bug reports are wellcome.

10. September 2019 ver

Several bug fixes in Watchfolders handling.
Image Sequences dialog now allow to select multiple files.
Image Sequqnses button accepts drag and drop several files and folders.
Several minor bug fixes.

5. February 2017 ver

Some bug fixes on Job Post Processing.
Many thanks to Antonin for noticing me.

31. January 2016 ver

A lot of rewrite.

26. Aparil 2015 ver BETA

A lot of bugs fixed.

9. January 2015 ver BETA

5. August 2013 ver

Fixed handling image sequences as source. For filenames containing only numbers a wrong patter was used. Now also asks for output filename in this case.

11. July 2013 ver

Bug fixes.
Specially a big one related to variable <AskAdditionalSource>.

4. July 2013 ver

Many thanks to Quentin Latzel reviewing the help/documentation and also designed whole a new web site.

Also made a AnotherGUI Lite version for dumb users,
where editing presets is disabled and paths to *.exe files are read from a XML file.
If you need this version, send me an e-mail.

6. February 2013 ver

Some new variables are available in Presets.
It does allow using "Source files" with separate video and audio file.

The following variables are available in Preset and will be present a part of "Source file" (example = D:\My Footage\Test\Camera file.mov)

<PureSourceFileNameWOExtension>Camera file
<PureSourceFileNameWithExtension>Camera file.mov
<SourceFilePath>D:\My Footage\Test\
<FullSourceFileNameWOExtension>D:\My Footage\Test\Camera file
<FullSourceFileName> or <SourceFileName>D:\My Footage\Test\Camera file.mov
<AskAdditionalSourceFile>Will open a dialog where you can point to a file

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me know of any bugs you discover in AnotherGUI.

29. January 2013 ver

- Fix: Very nasty bug preventing AnotherGUI to run without Administrator privileges.
- Fix: In some cased editing a Preset did delete the Preset.
- Some more what can't remember now.

- New: AnotherGUI does remember the last used preset.
- New: All lines in Preset starting with two slashes are comments.
// This is a comment in Preset
- New: To import a preset file you can drag and drop it to main window like source file.
- New: On closing AnotherGUI does save all uncompleted jobs to a file and will load these on next startup.

The new package doesn't contain user specific "AnotherGUI Presets.xml" and "AnotherGUI Exception List.txt" files.
There are some sample presets for ffmpeg included with package and they will be automatically imported.
In a case an existing "AnotherGUI Presets.xml" file is not found.
Also if "AnotherGUI Exception List.txt" is not found the new file is created with default values.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me know of any bugs you discover in AnotherGUI.

3. February 2012

There is now a TreeWiev to select/change preset instead of DropBox. Presets better seen.
AnotherGUI now checks on startup if there is more recent version available and will notify on Title bar.

3. January 2012

ffmpeg have changed syntax. For example video bitrate key is changed from "-b" to "-b:v" and audio bitrate to "-b:a".
Changed presets but not tested those yet.

28. December 2011

Added some HandbrakeCLI presets for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Aplle TV

14. December 2011

Added new presets to encode into Apple ProRes at various bitrates.
Presets included already in basic download.

14. October 2011 Version 1.3.0

Presets have now categories for easier grouping.
Import, export and drag'n'drop presets.

7. October 2011 Version 1.2.0

Fixed: Some buttons were invisible under Windows 7 Aero.Version.
Fixed: some links in help and homepage did point to wrong binary locations.
On download zip file there are only presets for ffmpeg included. It is to avoid many dialogues asking for executable. Now only ffmpeg.exe is needed for starter.
Added: Possibility to play a beep on jobs complete.
Added: When source file is the same as result file it will throw an error and does not corrupt the source.

3. October 2011

Corrected lot of mistakes in sample presets.
Shame on me!
There are still mistakes what I try to eliminate soon.

24. September 2011

Changed homepage

20. September 2011 Ver. 1.1.0

Fixed: reloading exception list after changes in list,
Fixed: 2-pass presets had the same passlog filenames, now changed to output names.
There was an error coding simultaneously multiple 2-pass presets jobs.

19. September 2011

Renewed AnotherGUI.zip file. In original one two files were missing. Sorry.

16. September 2011 Ver. 1.0.0

First public release.