The Project

AnotherGUI is a graphical front-end for audio/video command line converter (such as ffmpeg/ffmbc).
Main features:


Version 2.7.0

Download the portable ver 2.7.0 zip hereDownload.

WatchFolders do need a SQLite present. Download an apropriate file from below and extract to AnotherGUI folder.
Download here for 32-bit OS SQLite for 32bit OS.zipDownload.
Download here for 64-bit OS SQLite for 64bit OS.zipDownload.
Read the the changelog page for more information.



AnotherGUI is free to use,
the program comes with no guarantee
and the user is responsible on any damage the usage of this program may cause.

If someone would volunteer to write better help/manual it will be warmly welcome.

Many thanks to Quentin Latzel reviewing the help/documentation and also designed whole a new web site.

And PLEASE! report me any bugs you discover.
Thanks using AnotherGUI.
Priit Poldmaa
You can contact me: priit <at> joosti <dot> ee